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Five Things To Avoid When Talking To Any Support Network


Talking to a customer service support network has its fair share of advantages, but it also comes with disadvantages, according to a recent customer satisfaction survey. Customer support is the key to your success. There are a lot of customers who get disappointed and give up when they feel they are not getting anywhere.


There are five ways for your business to avoid disgruntled customers.


1) A lot of companies use automation, but that does not make it right. Automation will not reduce your costs the way you think it will. You should only use automation when you have no other choice. You should try to create a more personalized customer experience. Customers respond better to a company that treats them like a human being.


2) You should listen to what your customer want. Do not assume you know what they are calling about. Listening to respond is not listening. Listen to what your customer is telling you and get rid of the CRS scripts. The CRS scripts do not serve any purpose except to alienate your customers more.


3) You should aspire to be proactive instead of reactive. Reactive behavior is one of the biggest reasons customers walk out on a business. Every employee should be required to take 5 customer calls a month. Customers calls give your employees perspective.


4) Hire a better staff and pay them properly. Underpaid and undervalued employees are the worst at treating customers badly. Time to weed out the bad apples and reevaluate how you treat your good employees.


5) Your support network staff should have the right information available. Customers want the right information at the right time.

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